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The setting procedures of liner pvc flagpool swimming pools

FLAGPOOL Chapter 1 – Preparation of the swimming pool’s main structure

Some preparation procedures are necessary to refurbish existing in-ground swimming pools. Restore the original function of the main structure, and cover it with FLAGPOOL membrane without damaging the covering material. Concrete structures have to be flattened and smoothed thus eliminating roughness that could damage PVC membrane. To sanitise the swimming pool’s walls and bottom dilute Flagpool Sanitary into water (1 250 ml bottle in 10 litres of water) stirring thoroughly. Spread evenly using a Flagpool Sanitary roller on the walls and on the cement bottom of the swimming pool. The quantity of solution is strictly related to the porosity of the surface, in case of very porous carrying structures it is necessary to spread several layers. Let dry completely before setting Flagpool liner.
Clean to eliminate dirt and debris from the plastic of the water treatment accessories (skimmer, inlet, main drains…) and of the swimming pool lighting system.
Glue the gaskets spreading a Flagpoolcol layer on the gasket and on the accessories mounted on the walls and on the bottom of the swimming pool, paying attention to size of the holes of the fixing screws.


FLAGPOOL Chapter 2 – PVC liner setting on vertical walls

The pvc membrane setting in a free shape swimming pool starts from its vertical walls. Cut lengthwise FLAGPOOL membrane with the colour chosen to line the walls. Hot weld (at approx. 450°C) the pvc fixing strip on the back of the membrane. Set the membrane on the vertical walls introducing the anchoring border into the anchoring profile along the swimming pool’s perimeter fixing it with the fastening borders. Eliminate the exceeding membrane on the bottom of the swimming pool and continue the setting overall the vertical wall. The minimum overlap on the bottom of the swimming pool is 5 centimetres. Cut the overlapped material with several perpendicular cuts to enhance the elimination of the exceeding membrane. When covering a Roman style stair with a cotton or sponge roller, spread a layer of FLAGPOOLCOL on the side walls and on the first riser of the stair and repeat the operation with the membrane used to cover this area. Adhere the membrane on the vertical wall and on the overlap of the bottom (do not use fixing nails to cover the the steps). Prepare the overlap of the steps bending the membrane with a 45° angle, cutting the exceeding material.  Fix the remaining overlaps with expansion nails having a centre-to-centre distance of about 10 centimetres. Remove the exceeding membrane. Weld the vertical overlap above the setting starting line, overlapping by 5 centimetres. Qualified setting companies must perform the above-described operations.

FLAGPOOL Chapter 3 – PVC Liner setting on the stair

Before covering the stair with FLAGPOOL it is necessary to tailor-cut the membrane for the first raiser, starting from the bottom of the swimming pool. Perform this operation on a horizontal surface using adequate measurement tools. Mark the cutting line with a chalk line on the lower side of the PVC membrane (the one that is not visible). Use a cutter to cut and set the membrane in the swimming pool after spreading Flagpoolcol on the base and on the membrane. Make the membrane adhere on the base and cut the exceeding material. Weld the vertical walls using the hot air welding device and the brass roller. Repeat the same operation on the second raiser. Cut the slip-prevention membrane Flagpool with the desired colour. Set it on the horizontal surface of the first step. Point and cut the exceeding material before welding it on the raisers. At the end of this procedure, the first step is finished. Repeat the above-described operations for the other steps, setting the slip prevention membrane on the entrance step on the top of the swimming pool.

FLAGPOOL Chapter 4 – PVC Liner setting on the bottom

After setting the membrane on the vertical walls of a free shape swimming pool, set FLAGPOOL on the bottom of the swimming pool. First thoroughly clean the base to remove roughness or debris that could damage the waterproofing membrane (the weight of water could cause damages due to static punching). Different FLAGPOOL colours are available to give the swimming pool the desired effect, for walls and bottom. Set FLAGPOOL membrane tailor cutting it in the different areas of the swimming pool, spot fixing it on the overlap of the vertical walls. Remove the exceeding membrane always maintaining a 5 centimetres overlap. In case of mosaic covering pay particular attention when setting adjoining rollers to prevent unpleasant effects when overlapping the printed tiles. Hot weld the overlaps of rollers on the bottom at a temperature of approximately 450°C. Weld the perimeter of the swimming pool on the membrane of the vertical walls, using the same procedure. At the end, use liquid PVC to seal the welding lines. When this operation is over, the swimming pool is waterproof, with FLAGPOOL membrane. Qualified setting companies must perform the above-described operations.


FLAGPOOL Chapter 5 – Accessories and finishing

The last operation before filling the swimming pool is the setting of the accessories and of the finishing details. Cut with a hooked cutter the membrane covering the outlet, set the gasket and the PVC flange, tighten the screws and mount the grid. Apply the liquid PVC of the chosen colour on the welding lines between the horizontal and the vertical plan, and on the welding points of the Roman style stair. After this operation, it is possible to fill the swimming pool covered with FLAGPOOL membrane. It is very important to fill the swimming pool; the weight of the water guarantees the correct pressure to put under tension the membrane set on the vertical walls. Around the inlet fittings perform, the same operations described for the outlets. Finally, tighten the flange for skimmers and underwater lights, if any, after cutting the PVC membrane covering them. At this point the membrane setting is over, Flagpool fully protects you pool and leaves you enjoy your dives into the colour you have chosen.