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Technical Data Sheet LIQUID PVC

Technical Data Sheet LIQUID PVC

Polyvinylchloride in tetrahydrofuran (THF)

The product is used for the cold sealing of the welding done on Flagon PVC membranes.
For the welding method see the instructions set out from the PVC membrane producer in the sections welding instruction and method. The consumption is around 10 gr of each meter of welding.


Can of 1 kg
Colour: sky blue, light blue, caribbean green, aqua, sand, antacitre black, dark grey, pearl, grey, white, transparent, wild musk and marmorino rosa. The shelf life is almost 6 month, if the container is seal hermetically and maintained
at room temperature.

High sealing power for PVC membranes, flammable liquid.
Easy to use with the suitable applicator.

Avoid contact with polystyrene
Do not apply on wet waterproofing membrane
Respsect the instructions and dispositions stated on the label and in the MSDS of the product.