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Technical data sheet FLAGPOOL SANITARY

Technical data sheet FLAGPOOL SANITARY

Product fit for preventive disinfection of supports to be covered with PCV-P waterproof membrane.
FLAGPOOL SANITARY may be used on new masonry and concrete structures, but it must be applied in case of refurbishing on already existing swimming pools with PVC-P
FLAGPOOL SANITARY is a Preventol Bayer-based product

250 ml bottle.
Solution 2,5%

The product must be stored, adequately sealed, in a dry and ventilated place.

remove the old PVC membrane
leave the structure free and ventilated one day long
Thoroughly clean the structure with sodium hypochlorite (until the whole support is clean)
let the structure dry
dilute 250 ml of Flagpool Sanitary in 10 liters of water (solution at 2.5%)
mix well before use
use a fit roller to evenly spread the product (do not spray)
let the structure dry
repeat the “sanitization”
let the structure dry
set the new PVC
the solution allows treating a surface of about 35 m2 (according to the roughness and porosity of the surface)

NOTE: The sanitization of the structure may be useless in case of water infiltration in the structure and/or in case of rain.