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Technical data sheet FLAGPOOL NG

Technical data sheet FLAGPOOL NG 

FLAPOOL NEW GENERATION (NG) liner is a special synthetic PVC membrane, presented in a new design, for the internal covering of swimming pools.
Its formulation and its production process have been specifically conceived to comply with the strict performance parameters dictated by the European standard EN 15836-2 in 2010.
FLAGPOOL NG is manufactured in three different versions
•    FLAGPOOL NG: coloured version with standard finishing;
•    FLAGPOOL NG GLOSSY UNICOLOR:Coloured version with special finishing varnishing;
•    FLAGPOOL NG GLOSSY PRINTED:Printed version with special finishing varnishing;

•    On new or existing swimming pools
•    On any kind of support concrete, cement, walls, steel prefab panels

Synthetic liner in plasticised PVC, made by spreading. Composed by plastisol, characterised by special chemical-physical properties and with polyester mesh reinforcement.SHELF LIFE:
The swimming pool’s liner FLAGPOOL NG  is delivered in rolls, laid on wood pallets, protected and separated by polystyrene shapes and externally wrapped with polyethylene sheets.
Store the material in a dry place, the rolls must be protected by humidity and atmospheric agents.


•    High resistance to atmosphere agents and UV rays
•    High resistance to micro-organisms – Bio-Shield
•    Very high mechanical resistance
•    Insensible to hot-cold cycles
•    Punching resistance
•    Excellent welding power
•    Resistant against normal products employed for swimming pools’ water treatment (for more information please refer to Flagpool’s “Water maintenance handbook”.

The welding spots of FLAGPOOL NG liner must be performed with hot air Leister gun.
For a correct welding, the edge of the liner must be clean and dry.
The complete instructions of the setting methods and the structural details are described into the related Flagpool’s document, “Setting up”.

Do not use aggressive products to clean FLAGPOOL NG, they may damage the liner and remove the surface decorations.
It is advisable to use a soapy water solution and avoid using abrasive products.
See the “Water maintenance handbook” Flagpool for more and complete information about cleaning.

•    Plain colours Light blue, light sky blue, sand, pearl grey, dark grey, anthracite black, Caribbean green, white, aqua, red and yellow;
•    Special finishing: Pink marmorino and wild musk:
•    Mosaic printed: Blue mosaic and green mosaic, marbella blue, gold mosaic and marbella gold.
•    Marble printed: Pearl black, white Florence, sky blue and stones.
FLAGPOOL is available in other colours according to RAL scale.
The superficial finishing of the liner is available as smooth or slip prevention. The slip prevention membrane, “FLAGPOOL slip prevention” has the same physical mechanical features as FLAGPOOL.