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FLAGPOOL NG11 the best choice in terms of PVC swimming pool liner, made in Italy, guaranteed 10 years

FLAGPOOL NG11 the best choice in terms of PVC swimming pool liner, made in Italy, guaranteed 10 years

FLAGPOOL PVC liner is guaranteed 10 years starting from the date indicated on the bill of delivery.

The guarantee will have effect provided that:
• The installation and/or setting must be performed by companies and/or people acknowledged by Flag S.p.A.;
• The waterproofing system is carried out following the setting instruction indicated by Flag S.p.A (Flagpool setting manual);
• The materials supplied by FLAG S.p.A. have been paid;
• All components of the waterproofing system have been approved by Flag S.p.A.

The guarantee decays for damages due to the following causes:
1. Missing or insufficient maintenance of the set product, by the personnel in charge of the due maintenance.
2. Wrong water chemical treatments in contact with Flagpool liner.
3. Wrong cleaning procedures of the surface (abrasion, chemical aggressions, etc.).
4. Atmosphere pollution, infiltration of contaminated waters.
5. Damages deriving from a wrong setting.
6. Chemical-physical interactions with non compatible supports.
7. Technical-application solutions adopted by the Client and not authorised by Flag S.p.A.
8. For any and all expenses supported in extrajudicial settings for researches or investigations aiming at establishing the damage causes, except that the aforesaid researches, investigations or expenses have been previously authorised by the Company
9. Negligence, accident or wrong use of Flagpool liner.
10. Use of tools not authorised by Flag SpA and repair procedures carried out with non compatible materials or materials not recommended by FLAG S.p.A.
11. Presence of chemical substances in contact with Flag Spa products, non compatible with them and not included in the project phase of the waterproofing system.


Other conditions:
12. This guarantee is released to the Customer when the materials supplied by Flag S.p.A. are installed and the recipient is the work purchaser, It cannot be extended nor assigned or can be transferred from this one to any other party, unless this has been approved in advance and by written by Flag Spa and any deriving costs will be charged to the original Customer.
13. Any guarantee obligation by Flag Spa decades when one or more invoices for the material supply, or its installation, have not been fully paid to Flag S.p.A. (supply) or to Flag S.p.A. Authorised Installers (supply and setting).
14.This guarantee will be regulated in compliance with the existing Italian rules in force and the Customer accepts the exclusive jurisdiction of the Italian Law.

Damages claim
The damage claim should be communicated to Flag S.p.A. by registered mail within 3 days from the occurrence, under penalty of the decadence of any right deriving from this insurance. Flag S.p.A. – Via Industriale dell’Isola, 3 – 24040 Chignolo d’Isola (BG) Italy.