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10 reasons why Flagpool pvc liner is the only product fit for your swimming pool

10 reasons why Flagpool pvc liner is the only product fit for your swimming pool

1    The swimming pool is not unachievable dream, now is accessible for everybody and therefore it should be experienced as an element of total relax and fun. FLAGPOOL PVC liner satisfies your need for a swimming pool, reducing costs and ensuring an excellent quality.

2    FLAGPOOL is the best PVC liner, and offers you the possibility to plunge into your swimming pool less than A WEEK AFTER the beginning of the works: convenient, cheap, easy to set. FLAGPOOL is the immediate answer to your need for fun and relax.

3    FLAGPOOL pvc liner is the ideal solution to cover any swimming pool shape. Its soupleness grants a quick and convenient setting up in comparison to competitors’.

4    FLAGPOOL is extraordinary to cover new public and private swimming pools (in- and outdoor) or in case of refurbishment of already existing plants. FLAGPOOL pvc liner does not require any particular maintenance nor specific solutions (differently than coverings with tiles or other materials).

5   PVC FLAGPOOL liners diverse looks give the desired aspect to your swimming pool’s water and fully integrate in the surrounding environment.


6    FLAGPOOL is not subject to any molecular modification, its formulation with BIO-SHIELD treatment guarantees an absolute resistance to the development of micro-organisms (funguses, bacteria, spores) inhibiting their prolification.

7    FLAGPOOL is product by Flag S.p.A. Soprema Group: A company made of people, always caring for the customer.

8   Flag S.p.A. has an excellent pre-sales service, able to inform and create contacts with trusted company and installers all over the country.

9  FLAGPOOL PVC liner is always available in stock all year long.

10 FLAGPOOL PVC liner’s GUARANTEE is the summary and synthesis of all qualities of the product. FLAGPOOL has a 10 years’ guarantee (total and not digressive), thousands swimming pools covered with FLAGPOOL liners witness the quality of our covering, all over the world.