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FLAGPOOL NG11 is the best PVC liner for covering and building concrete and steel underground swimming pools.

FLAGPOOL NG11 is the best PVC liner for covering and building concrete and steel underground swimming pools.

The first swimming pools created with PVC liner are dating back to the seventies. Since then its use has been constantly and continuously growing up to conquer the greatest market share. We can surely assert that two swimming pools out of three in Europe are covered with PVC liners. The reasons for this success are easy to understand. The use of PVC liners guarantees more flexible structures, with a static function, while the PVC liner has just waterproofing and decorative functions.

This means lower costs for the swimming pools building and a more rapid installation.
FLAGPOOL exceptional physical-chemical features allow reducing the costs in the medium term because it does not require continuous maintenance interventions, which are instead necessary in case of painted or tiled swimming pools, or the like.

FLAGPOOL isn’t subject to any molecular modification: its formulation with BIO-SHIELD treatment guarantees an absolute resistance to the development of micro-organisms (funguses, bacteria, spores) inhibiting their proliferation.

The rapid setting, particularly in comparison with traditional ceramic covering,  is another point of strength of FLAGPOOL PVC, particularly in the field of public works (water parks, toboggan, semi-olympic size and Olympic-size swimming pools, wave pools, whirlpools area, etc) The flexibility of this product allows covering free-shape swimming pools even with very complex shapes, skimmer and infinity edge pools.

FLAGPOOL PVC liner is widely employed in covering swimming pools which structure have been created with metal panels or any kind of prefab structures; even in these cases the cost reduction is dramatic.

FLAGPOOL PVC LINER, just the right look for your swimming pool.
There are 13 plain colours available apart from a range of liners in printed “mosaic” version (blue mosaic – green mosaic – Marbella blue) or “marble” effect (Pearl Black, Sky blue and White Florence).

FLAGPOOL PVC liner fully integrates in the surrounding environment, and harmonises with the garden and the landscape.

FLAGPOOL satisfy your need for a swimming pool, reducing the costs but maintaining an excellent quality, and it’s furthermore guaranteed for 10 years by  a non-digressive formula.