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Flagpool pearl grey swimming pool liner at Euroterme Bagno di Romagna, Italy

Hotel Euroterme of Bagno di Romagna (FC) celebrates its 40 years and on that occasion, the indoor and outdoor swimming pools of its SPA have undergone a full restyle. The PVC liner Flagpool Pearl Grey has been the guest star of this intervention which in two weeks only has guaranteed the opening of the this wellness jewel on the hills of the Tuscan-Romagnolo Apennine.
The water temperature at approximately 35°C is a key-feature of the swimming pools of the SPA and Flagpool liner in more occasions has demonstrated to resist these high temperatures, perfectly fitting to the lining of swimming pools and thermal basins. Thanks to the water temperature, this SPA is opened all year long, apart from the evening of 31st December, and the PVC Flagpool liner has never shown any fault even when the swimming pool is closed to public. Flagpool liner Pearl Grey, 1.5 mm gives the water of the free-shape pools in the SPA a spring green colour that makes it stand out the surrounding natural environment.

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