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The new free shape swimming pool at the Danaide Resort was made by FLAGPOOL NG 11 liner, sand colour

The PVC-P FLAGPOOL NG 11 liner, colour sand, protects and refines the huge, 4,000 sqm free shape swimming pool at Danaide Resort. The swimming pool is one of focuses of the resort, thanks to its wavy, free shape and to the crystal colour of its water, ensured by FLAGPOOL membrane colour sand. In a swimming pool with such a wavy shape FLAGPOOL membrane can capitalise its key features, softness, and flexibility, at its best. These characteristics ensure a successful covering in any kind of swimming pool.
Thanks to its different depth, this swimming pool can be used by people of any age, accommodated in the 1200 berths of the new resort, located few kilometres far from Scanzano Jonico, in Basilicata. It is exactly in such conditions of heavy use that FLAGPOOL can give its best in terms of high resistance against microorganisms, sun rays, and water chemical treatment.
In order to guarantee a perfect result, particularly in swimming pools with similar size, the perfect setting of the membrane and of the water handling system is key factors, that can be maintained thanks to the intervention of the partners EDIL MAGGIO, from Potenza, and MARI POOL, from Brindisi.

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