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FLAGPOOL waterproofing membrane for swimming pool is a solution to refurbish the BELLA ITALIA swimming pools in Peschiera del Garda

FLAGPOOL waterproofing membrane for swimming pool is a quickly solution to refurbish old existing plants, what you need to celebrate the long-awaited warm season. The simplest waterproofing methods is offered with PVC FLAGPOOL NG11 waterproofing membrane.
That’s what’s happening these days in one of the five swimming pools of camping Bella Italia, Peschiera del Garda, quickly refurbished with PVC FLAGPOOL NG11 membrane, light blue, 1.5 mm. The waterproofing PVC membrane manufactured by Flag Spa SOPREMA GROUP specifically for the swimming pool’s sector offered the easy methods to complete refurbishment of four inground swimming pools of Benaco camping in Peschiera del Garda.

The supplier RE.MI from Guidizzolo (MN) was in charge of the works and guaranteed the opening of the largest swimming pool in the resort since May 2016; this pool together with the other three, smaller, more intimate in front of the apartments, are fully available for the guests of the resort, most of them foreigners. FLAGPOOL waterproofing membrane is easy to set also on swimming pool shapes, and in pools with different depths, it resists wear, and its colours remain unchanged during time, that’s the reason why it is the undeniable choice for a swimming pool to be enjoyed-

Summer is just around the corner, and plunge into a refurbished swimming pool is always assured with FLAGPOOL waterproofing PVC membrane for swimming pool

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