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FLAGPOOL swimming pool liner Marbella Mosaic in Unicapool near Viterbo

Unicapool, introduced to the Italian market during the last edition of Forum Piscine Bologna, is achieving success that is even more resounding. Among its prerogatives, there is surely the quick setting and this work in the province of Viterbo is a great demonstration. Three working days were enough to enjoy the freshness given by this aboveground swimming-pool size 10 x 5 mt. Unicapool, enhanced by 1.5 mm swimming pools liner Flagpool Marbella Mosaic, becomes the featuring element in the garden of this senior village. Flagpool liner perfectly combines with the philosophy of this innovative above ground swimming pool it guarantees a quick construction of the pool in extremely short times offering a unique colours range. Also with Unicapool there are plenty of options among the 24 colours of Flagpool PVC liner to cover the swimming pool: From the classic solid colours up to the innovative solutions of the printed range such as Marbella Mosaic that make the water of this swimming pool, in the province of Viterbo, shine under the sun.

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