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Refurbish your old swimming pool with FLAGPOOL liner: it is always convenient and smooth.

FLAGPOOL liner PVC satisfies the request of old swimming-pools owners that thought they wouldn’t have been ever able to plunge again in their pool, giving up the pleasure of an incomparable relax.

FLAGPOOL the reinforced PVC liner is extraordinary to cover private and public swimming pools (indoor and outdoor) and it’s the ideal solution to refurbish old existing plants.

Liner pvc FLAGPOOL NG11 can be used to refurbish old swimming pools covered with any kind of material available on the market (tiles, mosaics, paints, etc): the swimming pool is brand new again in no time, with all necessary comforts.

FLAGPOOL pvc liner is the ideal solution to refurbish swimming pools with any shape because the installation is quick and convenient. The liner is easy to apply and the welding between the sheets is barely visible, even in the tiniest details.

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Any problem deriving from infiltrations and/or water leakage is definitely solved because, apart from guaranteeing a brand new appeal to the swimming pool, Flagpool liner PVC is totally waterproofing; furthermore its diverse looks offer the swimming pool water the desired aspect fully integrating it with the surrounding environment.
Apart from 13 plain colours, there is a wide range of liners in printed mosaic or marble version; therefore it would be necessary to give up the wish of a swimming pool covered with these materials. FLAGPOOL Blu Mosaic, Green Mosaic and Marbella Blu faithfully reproduce the mosaic covering. The liners Imperial Marble (Pearl Black – Sky Blue and White Florence) offer a marble effect without running into long and expensive setting up troubles of marble slates. All these liners allow restoring the fashion of your swimming pool as it was in the past, simply “brand new”.

After the installation FLAGPOOL does not require any particular maintenance nor specific adjustments (differently than coverings with tiles or other materials).

FLAGPOOL is not subject to any molecular modification, its formulation with BIO-SHIELD treatment guarantees an absolute resistance to the development of micro-organisms (funguses, bacteria, spores) inhibiting their proliferation.
FLAGPOOL satisfy your need for a swimming pool, reducing the costs but maintaining an excellent quality, and it’s furthermore guaranteed for 10 years with a non-digressive formula.

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