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Flagpool technology used for a big sporting plant with low environmental impact near Turin

Since its origin FLAGPOOL has been widely used to realize large size plants; public swimming pools, water parks, dolphins show pools, because it has always guaranteed an easy installation (basic feature in case of large and complicated plants) and a wide range of colours.
When Viù Municipality, a tourist resort on the Turin’s hills, decided to integrate the already existing sport plant with an outdoor pool able to host over 300 people, FLAGPOOL PVC, also considering the particular shape of the project, has been a rather obvious choice.
Furthermore to safeguard the environment and the landscape of this small Piedmonts’ town, particular synergies have been conceived to maintain high comfort standard and, on the other hand, a rational use of energy sources.
The following have been, therefore, the corner stones of the project:

– Use of renewable energy sources
– Highest energy saving
– Easy maintenance
– Low environmental impact

The choice of Flagpool NG11 waterproofing and decorative liner, white, contributed in maximizing these project topics. The new Viù’s plant, few months after its opening, is already an appealing spot which fame also resound in the nearby valleys and in the town of the low Canavese area. An appeal surely highlighted by the unusual shape of the pool, where it is possible to swim safely or relax in the round whirlpool areas.

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