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Flagpool protects Arras Water Park, a successful project or urban restauration

The water park of Arras, in the north of France, designed by the Parisian architect Alain Sarfati, is becoming the core of the historical, former industrial area of the town. The Aquarena Center is divided into three areas: The swimming pool, hosting pools of different size, the fitness area with its sport equipment and a relax area equipped with spas and wellness space.
The designing choice of the French architect has been to encompass three different solutions in a unique space sharing facilities, design, and setting, without forgetting the importance of water, core and leitmotiv of the project.
Flag Spa has played a relevant role in this intervention thanks to its wide range of synthetic waterproofing materials. Up to 2500 sqm of swimming pools have been covered with the PVC FLAGPOOL ® NG11 light blue, which has been chosen by the designer for its high mechanical resistance, its resistance against weathering, to UV rays, to microorganisms and to chemical products normally used for water treatment in public swimming-pools. Flagpool liner has been applied on the largest swimming pool and in the secondary pools dedicated to children and to the relax area.
Furthermore, the designer, who conceived a waved covering for the 3600 sqm of the swimming center, to crown his creativity has opted for Silver Art, a membrane that combines the beauty of silver with the flexibility of the synthetic material. The waterproofing membrane manufactured by Flag SpA, has been set with mechanical fixing on the whole surface, and it perfectly fitted the whole covering even onto areas characterised by severe slopes.

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