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Always in contact with flagpool world thanks to the app that makes you enjoy the enhanced reality

In order to display the application times and the technical features of its solutions in any moment, FLAGPOOL developed a free app for smartphones and tablets. The app developed for both Android and iOS can be downloaded from App Store and Google Play: it allows accessing the video contents of FLAGPOOL documentation through the experience of enhanced reality. The use is easy and user friendly. Download the app on the device and frame the pages of FLAGPOOL documentation “Swimming colours” provided with a white icon to display sales-technical videos related to FLAGPOOL swimming pools’ membranes. Starting from the cover you have free access to the dream of any swim- and swimming pool passionate: a plunge into skyscrapers’ skyline, at Ellis Island under the Statue of Liberty, at Sidney’s Opera House, under the Eiffel Tower, or in the middle of the Coliseum in a sunny summer afternoon… a dream that thanks to FLAGPOOL, reinforced membrane for swimming pools, becomes reality few days after the beginning of the installation works. You just have to choose the colour among the 23 Italian Style solutions proposed by FLAGPOOL and the shape that fits your location. No matter if it is an American town, or a desert oasis, FLAGPOOL always guarantees a perfect aesthetic result, offering the opportunity to enjoy the freshness of the swimming-pool’s water with low installation and maintenance cost.

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