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Flagpool ng11 is a new generation pvc liner to protect and decorate swimming pools the fit solution for new structures and for the refurbishment of already existing ones .

FLAGPOOL NEW GENERATION (NG11), a new concept PVC covering: A PVC liner conceived to waterproof, protect and decorate swimming pools, the fit solution for new structures and for the refurbishment of already existing ones. FLAGPOOL always ensures a perfect aesthetic result.

FLAGPOOL is a PVC liner obtained by spreading, composed by plastisol featured by special chemical-physical properties and by polyester mesh reinforcement. FLAGPOOL fully complies the European standard EN 15836-2/2010.

FLAGPOOL NG11 is fit for any supporting element of the swimming-pool: concrete, prefab in concrete, prefab with metal panels. It can be used to cover private or public swimming pools and water-parks.

The diverse looks of PVC liner FLAGPOOL give the desired aspect to your swimming-pool water and fully integrate in the surrounding environment.

PVC liner FLAGPOOL NG11 is available in three different versions:

1. FLAGPOOL NG11 UNICOLOR with standard finishing available in: light blue, light sky blue, sand, white, pearl grey, dark grey, anthracite black, Caribbean green, aqua green,  pink, wild musk, red, yellow and basalt grey.
2. FLAGPOOL NG11 GLOSSY UNICOLOR coloured version with SPECIAL LAQUERING FINISHING available in: Light blue, sky blue, sand, and white (other colours available on request);
3. FLAGPOOL NG11 GLOSSY UNICOLOR PRINTED version with SPECIAL LAQUERING FINISHING available in: blue mosaic, green mosaic, Marbella Blue, Pearl Black, White Florence, Sky Blue, Stones, Marbella Gold and Gold Mosaic.

The special LAQUERING on the visible surface of FLAGPOOL PVC liner ensures a better resistance to light, to the attack of any microorganism (funguses, bacteria, spores) and to sun creams and lotions. This allows reducing the cleaning interventions and prolongs the life of your swimming pool.

The main features of FLAGPOOL PVC liner for swimming pool are the following:
High resistance to atmosphere agents and UV rays
high resistance against microorganisms – Bio Shield
high mechanical resistance
insensibility to hot / cold cycles
resistance against punching
excellent welding capacity
resistance against standard chemicals for water treatment in swimming pools covered with PVC liner.

Flagpool pearl grey swimming pool liner at Euroterme Bagno di Romagna, Italy

The new free shape swimming pool at the Danaide Resort was made by FLAGPOOL NG 11 liner, sand colour

FLAGPOOL waterproofing membrane for swimming pool is a solution to refurbish the BELLA ITALIA swimming pools in Peschiera del Garda

Flagpool technology used for a big sporting plant with low environmental impact near Turin


Standard finishing colours

53594pink53594 basalto53594 AB azzurro53594 CA celeste chiaro53594 DB darkblue53594 GB grigioscuro53594 GC grigioperla53594 GL gialloi53594 HB bianco53594 NB nero53594 RA rosso53594 SA sabbia53594 VC verdecaraibi53594 VD aqua53594 VM wildmusk57504 GOLD goldmosaic57504 MMB marbella mosaic57504 MMGO marbellagold57504 MNB bluemosaic57504 MNG greenmosaic57504 MSI alhambra57504 PB pearlblack57504 SB skyblue57504 STON stones57504 WF whiteflorence

FLAGPOOL is a brand of Flag S.p.A. Soprema Group that indicates the swimming pools’ business unit products.
Soprema Group is nowadays one of the worldwide leaders in the production of materials for covering and waterproofing systems, supported by 5334 collaborators and a solid presence in over 90 countries, all over the world.

Flag history dates back to 1963; in the seventies it increases its business units introducing synthetic membranes in the Italian market for industrial coverings and the first waterproofing installations for tunnels and foundations.

It shortly becomes Italian market leader and the reference manufacturer for waterproofing PVC – P and waterproofing TPO / FPO systems. Within PVC-P products FLAGPOOL swimming pools liner soon becomes main protagonist of the market, thanks to its high performance features in terms of: Waterproofing, mechanical resistance, softness and flexibility.

Flag Spa success crosses the Italian borders and in the nineties it assumes a more international extent with 5 new branches in Europe, and this positioning is further reinforced in 2007 by the intervention of the French group Soprema.

Nowadays Flag Spa offers 4 production lines dedicated to PVC – P and TPO / FPO synthetic membranes, one of which has been specifically designed and is available for the swimming pool business unit, to produce PVC FLAGPOOL membranes, both printed and in plain colours.