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The production process of the PVC liner (reinforced membranes) FLAGPOOL NG11 for swimming pools is fully performed in Italy

The production process of the PVC liner (reinforced membranes) FLAGPOOL NG11 for swimming poolsis fully performed in Italy

FLAGPOOL PVC liner is obtained by a production process allowing the manufacturing of reinforced membranes. The reinforcement is full and fundamental part of the membrane itself and defines its high resistance physical-mechanical characteristics. In the production phase, a spreading head spreads a mix of liquid-viscose compound, called plastisol on a support at room temperature.

This mix contains: Resins, plasticizing agents, stabilizing agents and pigments, and it’s what defines the ultimate characteristics of the PVC swimming pools liner. After the spreading phase, plastisol hardens due to a jellification process obtained inside the furnaces, after an adequate temperature increase.

processo produttivo manto sintetico flagpool per rivestire piscine interrate liner con rete poliestere

The spreading and jellification process is repeated 4 times on the line.
FLAGPOOL PVC liner is therefore composed by four layers with different formulation, and by a polyester mesh as reinforcement between and the third, exactly in the middle.

This production system creates a strong molecular binding among the four layers and offers a single-layer PVC liner, homogeneous and flexible, highly robust, with 1.5 mm thickness.